Sunday, October 21, 2012


Here in MonsterMMORPG, we have guilds. For now, they are not in-game yet, but people are really cooperating with each member of their guild. We are currently waiting for it to be in game (probably in the huge update.) Hopefully, after this feature becomes in-game, the guilds which are currently in the forum, would still be the same, and not be disbanded. The MonsterMMORPG team is doing their best to make the game best for everyone.

Akatslowi- one of the pioneer guild in the game, they were also one of the bigest one, with every sub guild full of members. As of now, they are in the inactive state, because the  leaders are inactive. Someday, they say, they would make a comeback.

  • Founder- Slow, Kunwarkharbanda, Uncle_Lung_Fish
  • Current leaders- Anomandaris Giovanni Rake, Kamenashi
Crimson Fang Pirates- a mercenary guild. They are bounty hunters for hire, although if you did not pay them what you promised, you won't get what you deserve. They do give cookies and lollipops though.
  • Founder- Sparrowhawk
  • Current leader- Sparrowhawk
Averium Union- one of the active guilds as of now, they have many missions for new members, and are dedicated to be the best

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Latest Status News About The Game

The Administrator, Cefurkan stated:
"Currently preparing new batch of monsters including Narsillion ones. There will be at least 991 monsters at next update. writing almost  fully  automatic transformation requirement software will assign stats randomly. Going to write automatic ability assignment software. Henrie helping with designing mechanics of assigning automatic monster assignment on maps . So hopefully, when all done next test server update will come and there will be only NPC things left to apply at the real test server."

As of :10/19/12

Monday, October 15, 2012

Some Members Of The Forum

The very awesome  members of the Forum (They are the ones whom you can talk to and ask questions about the game)
  • CeFurkan (Administrator)- The overall boss of the game, he is usually on everyday in our game. You can talk to him if you have some IMPORTANT suggestions. If you ever send him a spam PM, you would be permanently banned.
  • Freak500 (Lead Moderator)- Although he just donated to become a lead moderator, He is a good moderator. He is kind of inactive these months.
  • Quanto_Konami (Super Moderator)- He is one of the most respected moderator in the forums and in-game. At times he may get angry and ban you in a blink of an eye. He answers questions straight to the point, and rarely make delays. Most of the time, he deletes what he says in chat for no apparent reason. His favorite thing to say is "Pffffft"
  • Guider456 (Super Moderator)- Probably one of the "best" moderator in the forum and in-game, you can usually find him in crow woods hunting spiralaxy. He usually lurks in chat, and only comes out when it is needed to. PM him if you have questions.
  • SparrowHawk (Super Moderator)- The trickster of the forum, he usually kids around, giving "cookies" and "lollipops" (during halloween) to the people who makes him smile.
  • Orboknown (Super Moderator)- One of the favorite moderators, he always moderates his section, you were warned.
  • Garbagekeeper (Art Designer)- SHE is one of our monster designers and artisis. She was a pioneer in drawing these monsters, she was one of the first monster artist.
  • Henrie (Art Designer)- SHE is almost everyone's favorite player because she is kind, friendly, and creative! She was also the person who made up for Garbagekeeper's absence in drawing monster. She is also usually the one who take monster concepts, and make them come into the game.
  • Rock127 (Moderator)- The youngest moderator. He usually just pops out and posts something on threads without the person itself knowing. He is a moderator who is known for using the "ban hammer" and the occasional "ban bomb"
  • Dark.Zero (Moderator)- He came from London. He is very silent, Like a ninja. You won't know he is alrwady staring at you. 
  • Pein (Moderator)- Another silent moderator like Dark.Zero, he is very silent and stealthed. "You won't know who or what banned you."
  • fjkulit (Player)- This is me! If you have questions about the game, PM me so that you could learn more. I am online almost everyday (often in the forum) feel free to ask questions and ask stuff. 
  • Zacherymatthews (Player)- A player that has been playing the game for so long. He is most of the time online in the forum, but just hidden (This will give you a hint that you should PM me instead) He is helpful.
  • Ashenator (Player)- This person has been playing e game for quite a long time. He is known as Muytr. He is quite helpful, and he is very nice to chat with. Sadly, he is only on rarely and usually leaves fast.
  • Ramza_X (Player)- <A very close friend of mine> This person is one of the nerdiest people in the game. He always answers out answers with real sense. This makes him a very awesome person to talk to.
  • Azaz99 (Player)- He became an inactive person, but suddenly came back. He is usually unseen in chat, like Guider456.
  • Staff Vidyasagar (Player)- He is an awesome player, because has been playing this game for a long time. He is most of the time online.
  • Ghost (Player)- The TROLL of the whole MonsterMMORPG forums! When he posts on threads, it is usually trolling, or if not, it will make you laugh pretty hard, but don't be fooled. He may become serious (or not) when it is needed to. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pictures Of The Main Game

This is what the main page looks like

 This is a sample of what our chat looks like


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome to MonsterMMORPG official blog!

Welcome to the official MonsterMMORPG blog!

So if you're just accidentally here, I would explain what is MonsterMMOrpg

  • It is a MMO game, with currently more than 500,000 members! It is currently one of the top games in MMOs
  • It is a game where there are four things to do: CATCH-BATTLE-TRAIN-CONQUER
  • If you like or love pokemon, this is a game for you! It is an easy to play browser game, with thousands of friendly users!
  • We have our own TPs (trainer points) which may affect the course of stats. This is earned through defeating monsters, and the UVs (unique values) which can be seen when you catch a monster. This affects the growth of the stats of your monster when leveling up
  • We have our own shop! Where you can trade your monsters, buy monsters, buy items, sell items, and sell your items with the bazaar!
  • We have our own specially designed Monster Center, where you can heal your monsters, and set your party or team.
  • If you're a foreigner and new to our game, good news! Every country has its own chat, where players from its own country may chat with each other. We also have a universal chat, the English chat, where most of our members talk with each other.
  • Our game has our own Wiki, Forums, and as you can see here, our own Blog!
  • A very unique MonsterDex, where you can see the base stats, abilities, and other cool features of our monsters!
  • Our awesome admin, Cefurkan updates frequently (new monsters, new stats, etc.)
  • We have a bonus weekend event where you may gain more experience points to level up your monsters, and more gold to buy more items!
  • We have very friendly moderators, who will help you even if they won't sleep until they help you!
  • More than 600 monsters, each with their own unique statuses, nature, etc.!
  • We have two languages in the game: English and Turkish where you can pick what language you would want in your screen
  • Unlike pokemon, here we have 4th evolution monsters!
  • It is a browser game, so no need to download anything!
  • Very high quality monster images
  • We have very plenteous youtube videos to teach you how to play the game!
  • Our admin, Cefurkan, is very generous in giving rewards
  • We have an official test server, this is for the planned changes in game! (to be said later)
  • FREE for all!
There are currently lots of planned changes in our game
  • More than 500 maps will be released, each with their own awesome monsters, and unique features
  • NPCs!
  • The ancient gems
  • The ancient sages
  • New sprites!
  • Adding new features in the game!
  • New monsters will be added in the game (we are planning more than 10,000 monsters!)

An introduction to our active game people (usually found in the forums) this is so you know them when you join
  • Cefurkan- The admin of our game, he is our one and only founder
  • Heatshot- A game assistant, usually found in turkish forum
  • Freak500- The lead moderator in the english forum
  • Orboknown- A super moderator in the game, and is one of the respected ones. You can PM him if you have any questions about the game
  • Sparrowhawk- A super moderator, one of the coolest and naughtiest people in the forum. Even though he's like that, he is still respectable.
  • Guider- A super moderator. Usually, you don't see him, but he is lurking. A very respectable moderator. PM him if you have questions 
  • Henrie- An art designer, she draws monsters
  • Garbagekeeper- Another art designer, she also draws monsters
  • Dark.Zero- A regular moderator, thinks first before he act. PM him if you have questions about the game
Here are the important links

MonsterMMORPG Official game link:
MonsterMMORPG Official forum:
MonsterMMORPG Official wiki:
MonsterMMORPG Official test Server:

What will you do now?