Sunday, October 21, 2012


Here in MonsterMMORPG, we have guilds. For now, they are not in-game yet, but people are really cooperating with each member of their guild. We are currently waiting for it to be in game (probably in the huge update.) Hopefully, after this feature becomes in-game, the guilds which are currently in the forum, would still be the same, and not be disbanded. The MonsterMMORPG team is doing their best to make the game best for everyone.

Akatslowi- one of the pioneer guild in the game, they were also one of the bigest one, with every sub guild full of members. As of now, they are in the inactive state, because the  leaders are inactive. Someday, they say, they would make a comeback.

  • Founder- Slow, Kunwarkharbanda, Uncle_Lung_Fish
  • Current leaders- Anomandaris Giovanni Rake, Kamenashi
Crimson Fang Pirates- a mercenary guild. They are bounty hunters for hire, although if you did not pay them what you promised, you won't get what you deserve. They do give cookies and lollipops though.
  • Founder- Sparrowhawk
  • Current leader- Sparrowhawk
Averium Union- one of the active guilds as of now, they have many missions for new members, and are dedicated to be the best

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