Monday, October 15, 2012

Some Members Of The Forum

The very awesome  members of the Forum (They are the ones whom you can talk to and ask questions about the game)
  • CeFurkan (Administrator)- The overall boss of the game, he is usually on everyday in our game. You can talk to him if you have some IMPORTANT suggestions. If you ever send him a spam PM, you would be permanently banned.
  • Freak500 (Lead Moderator)- Although he just donated to become a lead moderator, He is a good moderator. He is kind of inactive these months.
  • Quanto_Konami (Super Moderator)- He is one of the most respected moderator in the forums and in-game. At times he may get angry and ban you in a blink of an eye. He answers questions straight to the point, and rarely make delays. Most of the time, he deletes what he says in chat for no apparent reason. His favorite thing to say is "Pffffft"
  • Guider456 (Super Moderator)- Probably one of the "best" moderator in the forum and in-game, you can usually find him in crow woods hunting spiralaxy. He usually lurks in chat, and only comes out when it is needed to. PM him if you have questions.
  • SparrowHawk (Super Moderator)- The trickster of the forum, he usually kids around, giving "cookies" and "lollipops" (during halloween) to the people who makes him smile.
  • Orboknown (Super Moderator)- One of the favorite moderators, he always moderates his section, you were warned.
  • Garbagekeeper (Art Designer)- SHE is one of our monster designers and artisis. She was a pioneer in drawing these monsters, she was one of the first monster artist.
  • Henrie (Art Designer)- SHE is almost everyone's favorite player because she is kind, friendly, and creative! She was also the person who made up for Garbagekeeper's absence in drawing monster. She is also usually the one who take monster concepts, and make them come into the game.
  • Rock127 (Moderator)- The youngest moderator. He usually just pops out and posts something on threads without the person itself knowing. He is a moderator who is known for using the "ban hammer" and the occasional "ban bomb"
  • Dark.Zero (Moderator)- He came from London. He is very silent, Like a ninja. You won't know he is alrwady staring at you. 
  • Pein (Moderator)- Another silent moderator like Dark.Zero, he is very silent and stealthed. "You won't know who or what banned you."
  • fjkulit (Player)- This is me! If you have questions about the game, PM me so that you could learn more. I am online almost everyday (often in the forum) feel free to ask questions and ask stuff. 
  • Zacherymatthews (Player)- A player that has been playing the game for so long. He is most of the time online in the forum, but just hidden (This will give you a hint that you should PM me instead) He is helpful.
  • Ashenator (Player)- This person has been playing e game for quite a long time. He is known as Muytr. He is quite helpful, and he is very nice to chat with. Sadly, he is only on rarely and usually leaves fast.
  • Ramza_X (Player)- <A very close friend of mine> This person is one of the nerdiest people in the game. He always answers out answers with real sense. This makes him a very awesome person to talk to.
  • Azaz99 (Player)- He became an inactive person, but suddenly came back. He is usually unseen in chat, like Guider456.
  • Staff Vidyasagar (Player)- He is an awesome player, because has been playing this game for a long time. He is most of the time online.
  • Ghost (Player)- The TROLL of the whole MonsterMMORPG forums! When he posts on threads, it is usually trolling, or if not, it will make you laugh pretty hard, but don't be fooled. He may become serious (or not) when it is needed to. 

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